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Hey Lovely

I'm Heather LA, a certified Pilates Instructor, Energy + Mindset Coach, Empath and collector of smiles. 

Glow Getter is all about creating your inner glow, becoming your strongest self, finding your mind-body connection, and living with purpose.  

All About Me

 Voted Best Pilates Instructor in Geelong |


Okay, If you want to jump to the official stuff, click here to see my qualifications.

I'd love to share a bit more about me, so I'll start with a list (because I love them) of some of the things that make me, me!

  • Pilates Instructor

  • Health, Wellness, Mindset & Energy Coach

  • Intuitive Empath

  • American born & Australian citizen - I've called 4 countries home so far (nomad-tendancies!)

  • Aries (Western astrology), Dragon (Chinese astrology), 1 (numerology), Projector (human design)

  • Chatty & outgoing introvert - me time is how I re-energise

  • Homewares addict - I love a home that feels collected, not decorated

  • Lover of learning 

  • Loud laugher

  • Fur Baby Mama - my gorgeous cat Apple has her own Instagram (& our dogs are always on my Insta!)

  • Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Partner & loyal friend

Above all else, I am a lover of life and all things well-being.


Want to hear some more?

The truth is, right now I feel so full of life and the healthiest I've ever been, which has allowed me to achieve so many things I didn't believe were possible. 


But my life didn't used to look like this - there was this extreme polarity in my life until a few years ago. 

It took hitting a massive low for me to realise things had to change, and that needed to start with me.


Listen, I am a straight shooter, so let me be blunt.


I put my body, mind and soul through a LOT over the years - excessive alcohol, cigarettes, sleep deprivation, chronic stress, lack of exercise, poor diet, toxic relationships, zero boundaries...  Well, you name it, I did it.  I was in a toxic cycle and leading a life that was headed nowhere.

But fast forward to now and life couldn't be better.  Pilates and coaching literally changed my life.  The strength I gained from these powerful practices has filled me with joy and confidence to live the life I want.

I decided to put on the brakes. 
I began researching and experimenting. 
I became certified in several areas of health and wellness.
I cracked the code for me. 
I learned how to flip it all and feel healthy, fulfilled, vibrant, so alive! 
I can tell you that I feel better NOW than I did in my 20's. 
Hands down, no exaggeration.

And now the best bit is I can now share all of this with you, so that you can achieve your best life and strongest self.  This is my passion and what I am here for!

Whether it is Pilates or mindset + energy coaching (or both!), you will feel uplifted, inspired, and (most importantly), have a clear path to achieving what you desire.


Full disclaimer here.
If this was all easy peasy, then everyone would be doing it, and you wouldn't need me as a coach or Pilates instructor to get you there.  This is not a magic pill. 
It's something better! 

This is true lasting change. 
A life full of strength, connection, abundance, well-being, intention and joy.
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Here's the official stuff - my fabulous qualifications!

  • Bachelor's degree in Education from St Leo University

  • Professional Certification in Health & Wellness Coaching from Wellness Coaches Australia

  • Professional member of IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapies)

  • Professional member of HCANZ (Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand)

  • Certified Advanced Pilates Mat, Pre-Post Natal & Reformer Instructor from Studio Pilates

  • I've also been certified by Yale University in The Science of Well-Being

My coaching is evidence-based with it's roots in Positive Psychology and Behavioural Science

AKA - we are going to have fun, but this is not fluff, we get results!

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