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Sometimes it's the little things that count.

...and that includes when you are moving towards, and manifesting for, your kick ass goals!

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Micro Moments are Magical!

Okay, so instead of talking about big goals and BIG actions, how about we focus a bit more on the little things.

It's the micro moments that keep us aligned.

" If you add a little to a little and do this often, soon the little will become great." - Hesiod

What are these magical little micro moments? Well, it's those seemingly insignificant things we do throughout the day, that actually have the most bang for your energetic buck.

Let me break this down for us.

40% of our daily life is made up of habits

So when I talk about getting your bang for your energetic buck, this is why! Name one other thing that takes up 40% of your day?! This is why focusing on the little things we do, has such a large impact.

Building habits is all about trying to get yourself in auto pilot, so you don't have to even think about it! Listen, it's quite an art, so we will save that for another post. However, let's get down into some small things you can do each day to start moving towards manifesting the goals, and life, you want.

Alignment is thy religion

“Are you picking up what I'm putting down? Because the Universe is.” - me

Allow me to get a bit woo woo here (but please know this is all backed up by science).

Here's the simple formula:

We are all energy. The things we want are energy. Like attracts like.

So if your goal this year is to feel stronger, then you need to be constantly and consistently feeling, being and doing things that align with someone that feels stronger.

Using the above example, some things you might try are:

  • Create a phone lock screen with a statement about being strong, or a photo of you when you felt strong. This way every time your phone lights up, you remember how freaking strong you are.

  • Change your passwords to align with your goal: ifeelstrongtoday, iamastrongperson, lookatmebeingallstrong

  • When you see someone walking down the street that gives you that strong person vibe, say to yourself, "I'm like her".

  • If you like a bit of humour to stay aligned, why not even try every time you go to the bathroom to look in the mirror, flex your bicep, give it a kiss and say, "Damn, I'm strong"!

I could keep going here, but I think you get the point. It's all about these small moments happening throughout the day that are putting you in the energy of moving towards your goal, but also in the mindset that you're there already.

But is this magic?

Nope, not really. This is just a piece of the puzzle to move you towards living your best life. What that looks like is entirely up to you, but I'm of the mindset that it's important to have fun with it along the way. And I think this stuff is f u n.

So, if you want to hear some more fun examples on this, listen to our most recent Glow Get It podcast as we give over 10 ideas to stay in alignment with very little effort.

Would love to hear what you do to stay aligned! Please comment below.

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