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| Voted Best Pilates Instructor in Geelong |
Want more strength, energy, and to own your personal power?

 I'm Heather LA.  I will guide you to create your inner glow, gain strength, find your mind-body connection, and live with purpose.

Fall in love with YOU again!


Your glow is already in you!  It's time to ignite it!


More about me.

More about my proven method & process.

Does any of this sound like you?

Feeling flat or tired.  Just no energy to do what you want to do sometimes.

Lacking motivation.  Desperate to feel inspired and get moving again.

Frustrated, snappy or moody.  Not showing up as your best self for your loved ones.

Feeling heavy.  Whether that is physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally.

Life feels stagnate, or you are feeling less connected to yourself or life purpose.  It feels like life is just passing by or wasting away and you are not embracing it.

Major decision fatigue.  Things just feel too hard sometimes.

You don't feel like you are looking your best anymore.  You want to feel good in your body again.

Brain fog.  Lack of clarity and focus.

You have landed here for a reason.  I am so excited to lead you on this journey!

Contact me now for a FREE 15 minute chat on how we can work together.



The Glow Up

The powerful practice of Pilates.
mat + reformer

private | small group | events


The Glow In

Working from the inside out.

mindset + energy coaching

one off | 6 - 12 week programs


The Glow Flow

Flow into your best life.

mixture of Pilates + coaching

6 week program

Heather was recommended by a friend. I was unsure what to expect in our first few sessions, but by the 4th session I had made some great, long overdue changes in the way I viewed my life, making positive changes, and ultimately achieving a new lease on life.

Mia. Age 53.  Armadale, Australia

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