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Work With Me

With Me

| Voted Best Pilates Instructor in Geelong |
What to expect when we work together?

Uplifting vibes and the highest attention to your individual needs.


You are unique - so we'll work together to gain insight into what your happiest and healthiest self looks like. 

We'll focus on what is most important to you, and find those secret buttons to get you geared up and on the fast track.

Whether you want to focus on Pilates, coaching, or a mixture of them both, you will be welcomed into a safe space and will leave feeling full of joy and strength in your body, mind and soul.

You 100% have this inside you already. 

My superpower is uncovering it and keeping you accountable until you hit that sweet spot. 

And yes, it does feel freaking magical when it happens!

To get started, contact me now and we will then work out all the other details.


The Glow Up

The Glow Up is our Pilates offer. 

Pilates literally changed my life and I love sharing this practice with others.

I am fully trained and certified in advanced mat, reformer and pre-post natal Pilates, so I tailor each session to meet your individual needs and to work towards your goals.


Session lengths from 30 - 60 minutes.

Location from my home studio in Geelong for reformer, or I can come to you for mat Pilates.

Individual or small groups.


Why Pilates?

Pilates is low impact exercise that creates optimal strength through muscle balance, while focusing on core strength and stabilising muscles to develop functional movement patterns throughout our body to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It is the perfect balance of strength with flexibility and mobility.

Mind-body connection, which is proven to improve quality of life.

Investment from $20 for small group and $60 for private


The Glow In

The Glow In is our coaching offer.

When it has come to creating the life I desired, it all came down to working on my mindset + energy, and now I am sharing this with you!

My coaching is evidence-based with it's roots in Positive Psychology and Behavioural Science We will have some serious fun while I guide you to create the life you want - this is science based and results driven.

What to expect?

You are going to become the VIP of your own life - are you ready for this?!

We will unearth where you are now, get crystal clear where you want to get to, and then set up a practical and achievable action plan to get you moving in the right direction immediately.

I sometimes call this structured manifesting as it can feel magical once you set things in motion and start hitting your tipping points (more on this when we chat)!

Get ready for your before & after's!

Investment from $99


The Glow Flow

The Glow Flow is a beautiful mixture of mindset and movement.

This is for you if you are ready to transform your body, mind and soul.

We will work together through one-on-one Pilates and coaching sessions for a truly personalised and transformative experience.

This is a 6 week program with weekly 75 minute sessions together online or in person (Geelong area only for in person).

What to expect?

Get excited as this combination of Pilates and Coaching is magical and will propel you into feeling full of joy in your body, mind and soul. 

Each week we will start by setting your intention, along with posing some thought provoking questions, before we dive into a 40 minute private Pilates session.

The questions will simmer while you workout, and as you cool down we will collect what came up, further explore, and devise a plan for the coming week that aligns with your overall vision and goals.

More information here.

Investment is $599

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